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will plan your party or group event from start to finish. Riese Restaurants owns and operates approximately 24

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restaurants in New York City. With more than 75 years experience, there’s a Riese Restaurant for all your dining needs.

PartyLine Planners makes booking group meals in New York City the easiest part of your job. Our locations are in or near every major tour and entertainment attraction in Manhattan. From 20 to 300 guests, downtown to uptown, we have the right place for you. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and student packages.

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Our locations are in or near every major tour and entertainment attraction in Manhattan. From 20-800 guests, downtown to uptown, we have the right place for you. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and student packages. Call PartyLine Planners today for more information at 800-750-0339 or 212-560-1680

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